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Traditional Henna Design Books by Rohini Ruparel

Asha Sai Henna Product Mumbai India, founded by the Mr. Nilesh Ruparelia and Mr. Rakesh Ruparelia, is in the business of Mehandi Designing Books. We are the leading Designer of Mehandi/ Henna Book for different occasion like Wedding, Birth day, Religious festival etc. We are supplying & Exporting our Henna/ Mehandi Design Book .


Growing as a new temptation and sensational trend, MEHNDI has gained quite much popularity over the previous recent years.Now it is used across the world.

The inclusion of Mehndi as part of Wedding culture has been quite prevalent for past few centuries and is gaining popularity in many other countries besides the native cultures. Mehndi, as a self-product, has been proved to be quite beneficial for the health prospects of people which have promoted its potential market's expansion all over the world.

From the therapeutic to the motif standpoint, MEHNDI is, now being demanded more than any other Body Art techniques that are prevailing in the world right now.

Body Art is all about the way one likes to perceive themselves, adorned in the versatility of contrasts and colours that merely enhances the worth and appeal of the body whilst placating the inner emotional desires of the soul.

But, likewise, nobody has the right to excruciate your utilities by covering up the hazards of the techniques that they utilize and keep you unacknowledged.

Hence, in order to exterminate the vermin of pain from your body, we bring forth to you one of the most impressive and alluring form of Body Art techniques.Our Book " is an amalgam of all the relevant useful information that you have long been waiting and scratching your head for. Enriched with Expert's suggestions and Specialist's concerning notes, this Book is a result of our month-long efforts to compile all the authentic information for your guidance and satisfaction.

So, you need not search here and there looking for little insufficient tutorials, once you have got our Book that will give you everything that you want and desire in the most convenient way possible.

Across the globe, there are wide varieties of people who had a strong desire to master their skills and decorate themselves according to own specifications.But they had so far been unsuccessful due to the lack of perfect and complete guidance that they could receive from any one source.

Well not any more!! We have organized our exertions in such a way that can easily make you a professional from a novice in hour's time by simply following our step-to-step procedures and comprehensive tutorials. These are not only designed for your utmost convenience, rather to save your time as well as resources in surfing the World Wide Web. Besides teaching you to make up your own tattoos and designs, we have also made your decision regarding acquiring other Body Art techniques even easier.

The technological and scientific advancement in the society has led to a tremendous increase in the number of modification techniques that one could think about. But as goes the saying "With every good thing comes the bad uninvited", there has been likewise increase in the consequences, in the form of negative externalities, of these new techniques.

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