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A complete guide to Bridal Mehndi


Why buy our Book you might ask still?

Even though, I have given you the ample details regarding what is woven in our guide book, still I would like to discuss with you some additional features that you will not find at a single platform or merely find an insufficient acknowledgement then.

Comprising of the overview and different cultural approaches regarding Body Art, our Book contains a comprehensive study on the usefulness and utilization of the natural shrub, MEHNDI. The basic points with respect to this latest advancement include:

Many societies also exhibited reluctance to its possible use due to the popular myths that have created side-by-side all these years. But through series of experiments and discussions, the issued medical reports have proved that Mehndi is the only natural herb and a Body Art technique with possibly no side-effects if consumed in the pure form. Therefore, for your convenience and satisfaction these myths have been explicitly explained as to avoid all discrepancies in your thoughts and beliefs.

An entire chapter on above highlights will give you the required expertise and confidence of decorating yourself with own hands and incredible ideas purely originating from your own creative mind!

Likewise, a comprehensive study has been shaped out to deliver to you the main theme behind our powerful endorsement of MEHNDI (Henna) )as a possible technique of Body Art. The comparative study includes a deep insight in to the conception of tattoos and their popularity amongst different age groups across the globe. Basic inclusive pointers are depicted as follows:

All these features and detailed insights mingled with world-wide Expert's suggestions and concerning notes makes our eBook worthy of accommodating your shelves and a touch of your well-deserved attention.

It would be an effective study that can leap your status from the beginner to being a professional in creating your own intricate designs of your Body paints and designs in absolutely no time!

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